Frequently Asked Questions

What is Satsang?

 ‘Satsang’ comes from the Sanskrit (the old Indian ‘holy’ language) words ‘sat’ = ‘truth’ and ‘sang’ = ‘meeting, coming together’ - so satsang means literally something like: ‘coming together in truth’. The truth being referred to is the truth about yourself - i.e. who you are - REALLY ARE.

Traditionally the term has been used for a meeting of a teacher/master/... - who supposedly knows who she or he really is and students/disciples/... who don’t.

Are all Teachers in the Reference Enlightened?

Most likely not - ;)

- but then again the thing with enlightenement is a tricky business. Actually enlightenenment only exists from the view of an unenlightened person. The very essence of enlightenement consists in realizing that who - or better - whatever is writing or reading this line - is something very fluid - momentanous - impossible to put a valid tag to - or, as my good old friend Daruma Ikku put it “He, who answers when called, is nothing but a thief!”. So the best one can say is that anyone claiming to be enlightened and has an impressive story to tell about it - is most likely not.

All these people appear in this list, as they call what they do “Satsang” and that being who is writing this line just now did not find any blatant evidence in their website, that what they actually do is not what they claim.

So - and that is the beauty of it - it comes all back to YOU again - Oh most Holy Reader of these lines.

YOU ARE what you SEARCH.

And therefore only - YOU - ultimately - are able - and will - know
- whenever is the right moment + wherever is the right place for YOU to know

IF - you need another being to show you, what you already are


WHO - that being might be.

But no need to worry - Satsang IS fun! So just visit any of the teachers in the list, that might appeal to you and get your own taste. Usually none is addictive after the first time. And if they are - you have met either the right one to lead you to yourself or you are taken for a great spiritual ride of importance, saving the world or something along that line. If that should happenen it just means that THE ONE in YOU likes to play a little longer at being seperate. And who are we, to argue with THE ONE?

Or ...?